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With fresh ingredients, a dash of savory spices and a pinch of love, we serve authentic Mediterranean plates, wraps, salads and other delicious food items. Our cuisine will leave your taste buds delighted, your stomach full and you satisfied. Stop in today for the best food in town.

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Delicious Mediterranean Food

Georgie’s menu is intentionally simple, with an emphasis on quality. Every menu item has been mindfully added and meticulously tested to edible perfection. Only the highest quality ingredients are considered, including the spices. The difference in taste is unmistakable.

Did anyone say crunchy falafel?

Raise your hand if you love falafel! We love it too, and make the best falafel out there.

Combo Plates

Who said you can't have the best of all worlds?

Try out our amazing wraps

Falafel? Shawarma? Kabab? We got 'em all.

Georgie's Catering

You’re throwing a party!? Let Georgie's help you cater it.


Enjoy the best Middle Eastern food flavors with Georgie’s all-inclusive catering feast. Treat your guests to generous servings of our authentic handmade dishes, like beef, kefta, and chicken kabab, the best falafel on the planet, savory shawarma, our famous spicy hummus, and the popular garlic sauce. No matter what type of event, your guests will enjoy customizing their own plate, including vegetarian options.

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